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8401 CH Gorredijk  
The Netherlands

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Client categories

  • Local coastal authorities
  • Port authorities
  • State authorities
  • Regional transport¬†authorities
  • City transport authorities
  • Bus manufacturers


Since 1963, Etrometa is a developer and supplier of sensor configurations. We focus on dedicated solutions suitable for the rougest conditions, both at sea and on land. Datacollection and processing is based on rugged design, resulting in unfaltering performance when it counts. From our office in Gorredijk, The Netherlands, we continuously refine designs and develop new innovative products.

In the Hydro Meteo sector we supply installations for application at sea and on inland waters. The typical configuration setup includes measurement of waterlevel, waves, airpressure, windspeed- and direction. Data is generated, collected and distributed in an extremely energy efficient manner, unsurpassed in its field. Thus our installations are perfectly suited for remote locations without normal power supply. The equipment is robust and accurate, with a proven trackrecord and requiring minimal maintenance.

In the Public Transport sector we supply sensor configurations for buses, aiming to prevent damage during halting and at the same time improving the accessibility for the public at large. Our systems contribute to a reduction of halting time per busstop, reduce the chance of damage and increase the accessibility of buses for the elderly and wheelchair users.

Customers are spread worldwide. Etrometa currently supply their equipment to The Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain, Maroc, Turkey, India and China.